Teen's Skincare, their unique needs

We formulate a routine and product lineup especially for teens.

With hormonal changes and surges, teen's skin and their skincare routines are different.

Acne is a normal part teenage of life and is manageable with a customized skin care routine and recommended products and ingredients. Rest assured, acne generally improves over time as teens get older. With a healthy skin care routine, then you'll be on a "clearer" path.

The greatest factors effecting teen's skin are:

  • Acne & Blackheads

  • Oily skin

  • Sweat

  • Nutrition

  • The Sun

From breakouts that come out of the blue, to those funky finger warts that makes you feel like everyone's staring, to an oily complexion that shines out of control, the teen years can be filled with skin problems.

If you're like many teens, you probably feel you're the only one who's affected. But the truth is that you're not - skin problems are common in teens.

—Web MD

Most Common Treatments for Teens

Skincare Consultation

  • NOTE: Please bring all facial products to your consultation.
  • Analyze and discuss your skincare needs, customize a treatment plan that is specifically for you.


85/ 60 min.
  • This facial includes extractions, calming mask, and chemical peel.
  • For acne of all levels teens and adults


40/ 30 min.
  • A great way to introduce your teen to a healthy skin care routine.
  • Also good for those with a tight schedule.

Back Facial

Half-back 35
Full-back 55

30 min. Half
55 min. Full
  • Be daring to bare it all! Exfoliate , extractions if necessary, relax with a refreshing mask.
  • Add-On Peel: 35

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