Men's Skincare, how it's different

We formulate a specific routine and product lineup specific for your skin type, goals, and lifestyle.

With testosterone and facial hair, men's skin and skincare are different. Men don't experience the hormonal fluctuations women do, which means the makeup of their skin over time is very different. Routines also vary from men to women that also effect the skincare treatment needs. Generally, men don't need exfoliation (the shaving process does that) and anti-wrinkling ingredients (alpha hydroxy acids, peeling agents, and peptides).

The greatest factors effecting men's skin are:

  • Sun Damage

  • Smoking

Skincare 101: Dos and Don’ts for Better Skin
All these factors make men’s skin less susceptible to signs of aging. Virtually all women of a certain age have vertical lip lines, but it’s rare for men. Expensive anti-wrinkle ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy acids, peeling agents, and peptides, are unnecessary.

There are, of course, some needs that are the same. Men’s facial skin loses elasticity in a fashion similar to women’s, so products that help build collagen, particularly vitamin C serum, should be used daily. A moisturizer with sunscreen is also a good idea. Few men need to apply moisturizers more than once daily, and a two-in-one makes it easy.

Embrace a low-maintenance routine. In the morning, wash your face and shave, then apply a serum, followed by a moisturizer with SPF. The key is sticking to it.

—Men's Journal

Most Common Treatments for Men

Skincare Consultation

  • NOTE: Please bring all facial products to your consultation.
  • Analyze and discuss your skincare needs, customize a treatment plan that is specifically for you.

Hair Removal

  • Brow 18
  • Nose 11
  • Ears 15
  • Half-Back 33
  • Full-Back 53

Back Facial

Half-back 35
Full-back 55

30 min. Half
55 min. Full
  • Be daring to bare it all! Exfoliate , extractions if necessary, relax with a refreshing mask.
  • Add-On Peel: 35

Alpha Male Facial

65/ 60 minutes
  • Finally, something just for real men!
  • Harness the power of this day and age with a smoked bourbon enzyme and hot towels to address ingrown hairs, razor bumps, blackheads, and leave feeling and smelling like a man's man.

Skin Growth Removal

25-50 per Growth/
50-100 per Area
  • Always wanted to get rid of your skin tags, cherry spots, sun spots? Now you can with this electrocautery treatment.
  • Quick and effective can be expected.


80/ 45 min. for face
  • Get your glow on!
  • Softly remove dull skin with this treatment and follow it up with a luxurious hydrating mask.
  • Prepare for the red carpet in YOUR life!


85/ 60 min.
  • This facial includes extractions, calming mask, and chemical peel.
  • For acne of all levels teens and adults


85/ 60 min.
  • Everything included in the refresh facial along with a chemical/enzyme peel
  • Be your best you!


30 min./ 205
  • Induce your own collagen and get your body to work for you!
  • A series of these can greatly improve the tone of your skin.
  • Great for scarring.
  • Don't let the name fool ya, it's not painful or scary, just powerful results.

LED, Light Therapy

30/ 15 minutes
  • a.k.a. Light Therapy for all skincare concerns
  • With 7 Types of colors addressing a variety of needs, you're smart not to miss this!
  • An easy way to get an extra boost of nourishment for your face.
  • Add-On with any treatment

Ultimate Anti-Aging

105/ 75 min.
  • Address all of signs of aging with high powered machines


60/ 60 min.
  • Exactly what you need, time to refresh with a relaxing facial including neck and shoulder massage. 60 min/$60
  • Revealing your best you!

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