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Vitality Skin Care, a Personal Journey

Everyone walks a hard road to get to where they need to be. I learned this firsthand when I was younger, and I watched my mom get laid off from Boeing. She became a massage therapist, and I could see that she had found passion in helping people. Eventually, she became an esthetician. Watching from afar, while I was working as a medical assistant in an orthopedic surgeon’s office, I could see that my mom had found her passion. It had changed her, making her the best version of herself that I had known.

I was walking a hard road, too, though. I was pregnant by the age of 16, and faced domestic violence by the time I was 19. I had to face the anxiety of walking out of a horrible situation with two kids and nothing else to support myself.

I had to build myself from the ground up.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur, though, to work for myself. I felt I was worth so much more than just being an employee. I started Vitality during my days off from the medical spa after finding the cutest, quaint little spot in Lake Tapps where I could make my clients feel at home.

Skincare Makes a Difference, but the Beauty is in You

Sometimes people lose sight of what it is that makes them glow. I feel like I really make a difference when I can help them see that beauty again. For example, I work with clients that deal with severe acne. Acne’s something we all go through, not just in our teenage years but beyond as well. But, for some people, acne can make life hard. They find themselves struggling to look people in the eyes, because they are convinced that, because of their acne, they are being judged as ugly. They project their self-criticism on to those they deal with each and every day. They stop dating, and begin to wall themselves off from the world.

When I work with an acne client to help them deal with their issue, and help them minimize the symptoms of acne, I feel like I make a difference in their lives. I can see that they have increased confidence, that they stop listening to that inner voice that always criticizes them. By taking care of their skin, my acne clients are giving themselves permission to believe in themselves.

That’s what skincare is about, for me: I am not here to reaffirm insane media beauty standards, make people “Instagram famous,” or hide their flaws. I want to work with my clients so that they address their concerns, and find the comfort to love their bodies.

I’m happy to say that I realized five years ago that I was finding the destination on this hard road. I have a steady stream of clients, and they tell me that I have a good touch, that I make them feel relaxed, happy not only with the way their skin looks but also the way their skin feels. I am getting to help people.

Testimonials, What Others Are Saying

Jenny’s facials are fantastic, but the micro-current treatment provides an extra lift. The treatment resulted in a firmer appearance of my skin, and made my cheekbones and jawline more defined. It’s quick and painless with no down time.

Jenny Haugen, esthetician and Vitality Skin Care Owner

Thanks for reading my story.

Jenny Haugen
Vitality Skincare, Esthetician and Owner

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